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Cycling Holidays

Cycling holidays in Ireland are a great way to see the country and get some exercise at the same time. There are many different routes to choose from, so you can find one that suits your fitness level and interests. Whether you want to cycle along the coast or through the countryside, there is an Ireland cycling route for you.

What is a Cycling Holiday

A cycling holiday is a great way to see the Irish countryside. You can cycle at your own pace and stop whenever you want to take in the scenery. There are many different routes to choose from, so you can find one that suits your ability. You can also go on guided tours, which are a great way to learn about the history and culture of the area.

How to Prepare for a Cycling Holiday

Assuming you have a basic level of fitness, there are a few key things you need to do to prepare for a cycling holiday. First, get a bike that is comfortable for you to ride. You will be spending a lot of time in the saddle, so make sure it fits well. Second, invest in some good quality cycling gear. This includes a helmet, gloves, cycling shoes, and comfortable clothing. Third, make sure you are familiar with the route you will be taking. This means studying maps and elevation profiles and getting to know the terrain. Finally, pack all of your gear and supplies carefully. This includes food, water, tools, and spare parts for your bike. With proper preparation, you will be able to enjoy a safe and enjoyable cycling holiday.

Ideas for Cycling Routes in Ireland

  1. Great Western Greenway, Mayo
  2. Beara Breifne Way, Cavan
  3. Waterford Greenway, Waterford
  4. Slí na Sláinte, Dublin
  5. Dingle Way, Kerry
  6. Erris Head, Mayo
  7. Glenbeigh, Kerry
  8. Cliffs of Moher, Clare
  9. Sperrin Mountains, Tyrone
  10. Lake District, Fermanagh

How to choose the right bike for long distances

There are a few key things to consider when choosing a bike for long-distance cycling – firstly, you need to make sure the bike is the right size for you. You also need to consider the type of terrain you’ll be riding on and whether you want a road bike or a mountain bike. Road bikes are generally lighter and faster, but mountain bikes are more versatile and can handle rougher terrain. Once you’ve decided on the type of bike, it’s important to test ride it to make sure it’s comfortable. Pay attention to the seat, handlebars and pedals – you want to make sure they’re all adjustable so you can find the perfect position for long rides. And finally, don’t forget to factor in the cost – a good quality bike will cost more, but it’s worth it in the long run.