Discount Code

You can’t find a simple ‘discount code’ for in Ireland. All the other sites in Google list the same ‘15% off with no code’, then earn a commission from you when you click through from their site.

But, this method gives you 3% cashback AND the standard 15% off. It is a bit long-winded but can be worth it for larger purchase like holidays.

To get the cashback, you have to register for a UK cashback site. The two most popular are ‘’ and ‘quidco’. These work by paying you a fee when you click through from their site to make a purchase, the fee that would otherwise go to a website with an affiliate link to their site. That is how all those generic coupon sites make money.

Step 1: Register for the site

Either or Here I’ve used quidco.

Step 2: Search for and an offer you want. Click through from there. Make sure you don’t click through from any other sites afterwards. They use cookies to track your purchase so they only pay out to one referrer. discount code
Here I’ve found, and found a 3% cashback offer

Step 3: Make the booking

Step 4: Wait for the cashback site to track the purchase. It could take months. Eventually it will say it is payable. You can use ‘paypal’ or ‘amazon voucher’ to recieve the payment as it doesn’t accept an Irish bank for the bank payout.

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