Privacy Policy

At, we put our users’ privacy first. We are constantly looking how to improve user privacy and would love any feedback from you via our contact page.

We are building a ‘cookie-less’ website, and using privacy-friendly alternatives where possible to mainstream web tools. This is why you see no cookie consent popup on the site – because there are no cookies.

For embedded maps we use OpenStreetMap rather than Google Maps.

To help us track the visit count of the website, to see which pages are popular, and to see where we get the most referrals (search engines, social media etc.) we use Google Analytics. We use a custom script which prevents Google from creating a cookie. We create a unique identifier based on the IP address of the local CDN which delivers content to you. A CDN is a ‘Content Delivery Network’ which helps load websites faster by caching the content closer to visitors. By using the IP of the CDN rather than capturing user IP addresses it is better for user privacy, though for us it looks like we have fewer users which keep coming back to the site.

We have no advertising on the site, so there are no ad-exchanges. We have no embedded social media trackers like the Facebook (Meta) pixel or TikTok tracking code.

We do not store personably identifiable information (PII) about our visitors. The one exception to this is where you contact us via email: your email address and the content of the email will be stored by our email client while we respond to your request.

If a website administrator logs into the admin portal of the website, for instance to create a new post, only then would cookies be created by our website backend – WordPress. As only our team have access to this part of the website, we obtain consent directly from them beforehand.