Oileán Chléire (Cape Clear Island)

Artist impression of Cape Clear Island

Nestled off the southwestern coast of Ireland, Cape Clear Island (Oileán Chléire) invites travelers to explore its rugged beauty. Known as the southernmost inhabited island of Ireland, this quaint haven offers a blend of rich history, vibrant culture, and natural splendor.


A trip to Cape Clear Island is akin to traveling back in time. The island’s history is palpably rich with ancient sites like the 5000-year-old Megalithic Standing Stone and the 12th-century church ruins of Saint Ciarán’s. The local heritage center unravels the island’s Celtic and maritime past, providing a deeper understanding of its age-old traditions.

Birdwatching Paradise

Renowned as a birdwatcher’s paradise, Cape Clear Island hosts Ireland’s only bird observatory, which has been monitoring migratory and native bird populations since 1959. Every autumn, ornithologists and enthusiasts flock to the island to witness the passage of thousands of birds.

Seascapes and Nature Trails

The island’s rugged coastlines and serene beaches offer a tranquil escape. Walking trails meander through wildflower-speckled meadows and along dramatic cliffs, providing breathtaking views of the Fastnet Rock Lighthouse and the endless Atlantic horizon.

The surrounding waters are teeming with life, making Cape Clear a hotspot for whale and dolphin watching. Guided boat tours provide an opportunity to encounter minke whales, common dolphins, and occasionally orcas, in their natural habitat.

Celtic Language and Traditions

Cape Clear holds the torch high for our native tongue and cultural heritage. As a Gaeltacht area, the island offers a wonderful opportunity for visitors to practice and immerse themselves in the Irish language, which resonates in daily conversations among locals. The lyrical rhythm of Irish is the island’s heartbeat, echoing in the lively traditional music sessions that fill the local pubs. These gatherings, steeped in camaraderie and age-old traditions, provide a beautiful way to connect with Ireland’s Celtic roots amidst a picturesque island setting. Whether you are fluent in Irish or just carry a few phrases from school, engaging with the community here will deepen your appreciation for the enduring charm of our Gaelic heritage.

Accommodation and Dining

  1. Chléire Haven Glamping: Overlooking the beautiful South Harbour, Chléire Haven offers a unique glamping experience with a choice of Mongolian yurts or canvas bell tents. It’s a family-friendly site open from April to mid-September​
  2. Airbnb Rentals: You can find unique places to stay with local hosts starting from €20/night
  3. Self-Catering Holiday Homes: If you prefer a self-catering option, there are about several houses & bed and breakfasts in the Cape Clear Island area, with prices starting from €30/night​

For dining, here are some top picks where you can enjoy a meal:

  1. Sean Rua’s Restaurant and Pizzeria: Located in North Harbour, this restaurant serves a variety of dishes including seafood and pizza. The pricing is in the mid-range (€€ – €€€) according to TripAdvisor, and it’s a great spot for homemade food and pizzas.
  2. Club Chléire: This spot is known for its live music during the summer months and is located in the heart of North Harbour. While it’s more of a place for drinks and music, it’s a great venue to experience the local culture​.
  3. Cotters Bar: A traditional pub in North Harbour, Cotters Bar is a cozy place to grab a drink and enjoy the Irish sunshine during summer​.

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